9800, 9900, & 9950 Medical Center Drive

9800, 9900, & 9950 Medical Center Drive

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Client: Alexandria Realty

Soltesz, retained by Alexandria Realty, is performing site/civil services for three medical office buildings located in the Life Sciences Center Campus in Montgomery County, Maryland on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Medical Center Drive and Great Seneca Highway.

Soltesz continues to work on 9800 Medical Center Drive and is currently providing planning, engineering, and surveying for the construction of a new 175,000 SF office building and parking structure with approximately 621 stalls. Construction has commenced on the parking structure.

9950 Medical Center Drive proposes an 85,000 SF office/laboratory/light manufacturing building. Soltesz is providing planning, civil engineering, and surveying services for this project.

Previously, Soltesz provided civil engineering, planning, and surveying for the initial 9800 Medical Center building–a multi-tenant science building including a common building, lobby, restrooms and loading docks.  Soltesz provided a development constraints plan for the property to determine the permitted uses. The scope included the design of the shell and core for a 100,000 SF multi-tenant facility for biotechnology companies. Once the scope of work was determined, the firm was responsible for the stormwater management for the site and provided plans for quality control that included a treatment train that consists of recharge manholes, vegetated buffer strips, and surface sand filters. A water quality inlet was being used for a portion of the site that has vertical constraints between the existing storm drain outfall from the site and the existing storm drain under Medical Center Drive. A downstream storm drain analysis was conducted to demonstrate the impacts of the post-development runoff. Soltesz also provided sediment and erosion control including the use of sediment traps with forebays. Additionally, Soltesz was tasked with adding over 100 new parking spaces to the property.

On 9900, Soltesz provided entitlement, design, and engineering services to process site plan amendments to upgrade site amenities and parking for an existing biotech research building in the Life Science Campus. Both interior and exterior improvements were provided to enhance the indoor and outdoor workspace. Amenities included a hardscape plaza, seating area, fireplace, trellis and screen walls, signage, landscape, and lighting.