Aquilino Cancer Center

Aquilino Cancer Center

Owner:  Shady Grove Adventist Health
Client:  Adventist HealthCare
Location:  Rockville, MD

Located in a Special Protection Area (SPA), the 50,000 sq. ft., the three-story building offers R&D facilities and a full range of clinical services including diagnostics, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, pain management, clinical trials, support groups, and complementary alternative medicine. As a part of the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center and the Great Seneca Science Corridor, collaboration between physicians at the Center and local and national research organizations will offer patients a broader sense of cutting-edge medical treatments.

Soltesz provided innovative design to meet the requirements of the County’s Environmental Site Design (ESD) to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) regulations that were further complicated since the site was within a Special Protection Area (SPA). Stormwater management was successfully designed through a combination of on and off-site measures, including porous pavement, microbiolfilters, and a green roof.

Construction and post-construction monitoring by Soltesz was done in accordance with the Best Management Practices (BMPs) monitoring protocols established by Montgomery County’s Department of Permitting Services and the Department of Environmental Protection. Soltesz worked with the design team and the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services to advance the project swiftly through the entitlement process into final design. Having worked on the strategic growth of the Shady Grove Campus, Soltesz was able to quickly navigate storm drainage and provide ESD for various utilities that were integrated on-site.

The firm was responsible for the coordination between the design, contractor, and end-user and provided the necessary combination of surveying and observation services to ensure compliance with County requirements. In addition, the center included extremely integrated and state-of-the-art environmental protection devices, which required precision construction, as well as oversight, during the design process.