B’Nai Israel Pond, Montgomery County MS4

B’Nai Israel Pond, Montgomery County MS4

Client: Montgomery County Government, Division of Capital Projects, Department of Environmental Protection

Location: Montgomery County, MD

In support of Montgomery County’s initial P3 MS4 Compliance Pilot Program, Soltesz provided stormwater management services to the County in fulfilling the requirements of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting needs mandated by Federal and State regulations. The overall goal of this initial program was to secure the highest amount of water quality credits per the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) criteria, most cost-effectively. Under this contract, Soltesz oversaw two projects securing a total of 181 Impervious Acres of water quality credit.

We provided a pond retrofit to the existing Stormwater Management Extended detention pond at the B’Nai Israel site. For this project, we added wet storage volume through means of dredging and excavating a deeper pond volume, increased the wet storage volume by 185% (3.4 ac-ft. to 6.29 ac-ft.), and implemented a Riprap Diversion Barrier directing 1” storm flow into newly excavated forebay.

Soltesz participated in community meetings, providing exhibits and material to educate residents about the clean water program, and answered questions about how the work would be done.

The B’Nai Israel Pond retrofit provided 91.16 acres of impervious acres credits.