Burtonsville Town Square

Burtonsville Town Square

Location: Burtonsville, MD

Client: BMC Property

Located on 28 acres, this existing property was a dated and underused retail center lacking connectivity to the Burtonsville community. Site features did not function in a way to enhance the user experience. With the intent to rebuild and create a green suburban retail center, BMC Property hired Soltesz to provide innovative solutions to see the vision to its fruition.

With sustainability the goal, Soltesz focused on maximizing efficiencies and existing natural resources. The team designed a stormwater pond to be placed strategically outside of the site to help preserve existing forest areas. This strategic design preserved several acres of trees in the design of the new Town Square. Additional trees and plants were also added to the site. To maximize parking and allow for further beautification while protecting water quality, Soltesz designed areas within the parking lot on-site that have underground filtration systems. To address the lack of connection to the community and promote a pedestrian-friendly environment, the team placed an 8-foot-wide hiker-biker trail at the edge of the site along Route 29.

Additionally, the shopping center design, which comprised 260,000 sq ft emphasized pedestrian connections to activate the retail and link commercial and open spaces together throughout the site. Soltesz also helped to design exciting community gathering spaces within the shopping center site, including an area that features a native plant garden island. As visitors enter through a recycled bank vault door, they will embark on a beautifully centered interactive human sundial. This MNCBIA Environmental award-winning project is now a thriving addition to the community.

To further benefit the pedestrian and biker experience, Soltesz was asked to update two areas of the plan to address the need for additional retail and restaurant space under the new stormwater management regulations. Soltesz was able to integrate the outdoor seating for the restaurant and add on an addition to one of the existing retail strips, that will house multiple tenants.