Soltesz Expands Service Offering with Addition of Dry Utility Services

Soltesz Knows Dry Utilities

Soltesz Knows Dry Utilities

It has been a year of growth for Soltesz, and we’re not done yet! Soltesz announces the expansion of its service offering, adding Dry Utility Services to the list of ever-growing areas of expertise for our team.

Dry utility management can be a cumbersome burden to any project. By creating an in-house dry-utilities services team, we provide fast and accurate dry utility services to our clients to ease this burden and administer proactive and strategic management of said dry utilities. This reduces redundancy, communication and coordination time, and allows the engineering team to stay in constant contact with all utility providers at all times during the project. Project stakeholders can rest assured that they always have a designated, single point-of-contact with whom they can coordinate on all dry utility service matters. Our services include the design, processing, and coordination of Power, Fiber, Gas, and Telecommunications.

For more information about our new Dry Utility Services expansion, please contact us or read more on our Services page.



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