FedEx Field

FedEx Field

Client: Redskins Stadium, LLC
Location: Landover, MD

The Challenge

When the Washington Redskins decided to proceed with the construction of the first NFL stadium in the Washington region in more than 50 years, they turned to Soltesz. The firm was called upon early in the process to evaluate the constraints of the property including environmental aspects. Although the most appropriate location for the intended use, the selected site was riddled with complications. It contained rubble fill due to the excavation of the WMATA facilities in the area. Additionally, archeological investigations yielded some million year old fossils, which required protections in a stream valley. FedEx Field also had an extremely compressed delivery schedule due to the NFL schedule requirements.

The Soltesz Solution

With seating for 85,000, FedEx Field is the largest venue in the NFL. The successful completion of this major stadium was due in part to the solutions Soltesz provided. Through the process, Soltesz worked with other consultants to successfully navigate the entitlement process, including rezoning of the land to accommodate the field. Soltesz made plan submittal and processing modifications to the development timeline in order to meet the schedule and to conform to environmental and archeological factors of the site. Design and development review processes were overlapped requiring intense coordination in order to achieve a timely permit. In addition, Soltesz provided the expert testimony during the entitlement process, which attributed to meeting the schedule construction start date.