Terrapin Row (Knox Village) Feasibility

Owner:  Knox Village Apartments
Client:  Toll Brothers
Location:  College Park, MD

Soltesz provided a Feasibility Due Diligence Report for this property to assist the potential developers in making a decision regarding the viability of a successful and profitable development. In this case, the property is next to a major university and the developer sought to provide student housing. Soltesz was tasked with identifying and communicating the site constraints (floodplain, SWM, traffic, utility capacity, grading, ADA access, etc.) to ensure the client could fully understand the site’s potential difficulties. The most significant challenge was because the property was adjacent to a university and within one mile of multiple incorporated towns, garnering the support of each individual authority figure before proceeding was necessary.

Soltesz maintains excellent relationships with major institutions and town mayors and councils. For this due diligence assignment, Soltesz was able to translate their relationships into meetings with the numerous decision-making bodies in order to provide the client with a thorough understanding of the political requirements for development of the property. Without this key information the client could not have made an informed decision.