August 10, 2023

Soltesz’s Jason Mills speaks at SWM and Climate Change Forum

For Immediate Release - Empowering Change Through Discourse: Soltesz Participates at UMD's School of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Preservation in a SWM and Climate Change Forum

[Rockville, MD, August 10, 2023] Soltesz is pleased to announce our very own, Jason Mills, Vice President of Public Infrastructure & Environmental Sciences, took an active role in a significant public forum focused on Stormwater Management (SWM) and Climate Change. This event titled "Stormwater Management and Climate Change: Issues, Challenges, Adaptations, and Future Needs." was held at the main auditorium of The University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Preservation.

Among the speakers at the event were, David Merkey, PhD, "The Integration of Stormwater Management, Ecological Uplift, and Resiliency"; Ken Bawer, "Stormwater Control Through Stream Restoration"; and Aaron Fisher, PhD, “Sustainability, more than just CO2.”

Following these enlightening talks, a panel discussion ensued, centering on Stormwater Management and Climate Change. This dynamic panel featured the insightful perspectives of Jason Mills, alongside David Merkey, Ken Bawer, and Aaron Fisher. The discussion delved into practical issues surrounding SWM and Climate Change, approaching these challenges from both regulatory and pragmatic viewpoints.

Noteworthy support came from several key sponsors, including the UP Sustainability, UMD's School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Preservation, the Prince George’s County Sierra Club, and Sustainable Maryland. Their collective efforts contributed to the success and significance of this pivotal forum.

About Soltesz:

Soltesz is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm experienced in navigating clients through each phase of a project to innovative, effective solutions. The firm provides engineering, planning, surveying, and environmental services to public and private sector clients. With a dedication to engineering innovative solutions, Soltesz has played a pivotal role in transforming communities and making a positive impact on the region's infrastructure.###Media contact: SueAnne Beaumont, Soltesz, 301-948-2750,

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