Prince George’s County Stormwater Management Manual

Owner:  Prince George’s County
Client:  Department of Public Works & Transportation
Location:  Prince George’s County, MD

The Prince George’s County Stormwater Management Manual needed to be updated to incorporate the new objectives of water quality, stormwater, and sediment erosion control. The document will be utilized in the County to ensure all future projects achieve the mandates of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Department of the Environment. The new Design Manual will combine resources from Prince George’s County agencies such as DPW&T, SCD, DER, and M-NCPPC into the process of designing and permitting. Incorporating input from each of these County agencies and staff impacted by the new law in a user-friendly way is one of the biggest challenges of this project.

Soltesz has conducted work sessions and meetings to solicit input from County agencies and staff on how best to accommodate the changes into the plan review and approval process. Additional meetings were held to develop the design and construction information to be included within the manual. This information related to design and plan issues rather than process issues. To ensure the new manual will be relatable and straightforward, Soltesz is incorporating comments from all stakeholders involved. The coordinated review of all of the pieces of the document is being managed by the firm in order to publish the most comprehensive data.