The Station at Riverdale Park

The Station at Riverdale Park

Client: Calvin Cafritz Enterprises

Location: Riverdale Park, MD

Soltesz worked with the Cafritz Company on the development of 36 acres for Riverdale Station, a mixed-use, residential and retail development, a walkable community close to mass transit. The development includes 1,000+ unit residential apartment buildings with structured parking, 120 townhomes, office space, and a hotel.

The design included the extensive use of Environmental Site Design (ESD) techniques to provide water quality control near the source of water runoff. The site included a variety of ESD techniques to treat the various site areas including a stormwater management pond to control the 100-year storm due to undersized downstream culverts.

The roads include infiltration tree pits to collect stormwater runoff from the proposed streets and infiltrate water into the ground. The pits will have underdrains that can collect overflow and direct it to the storm drain system. Permeable paving is used on the main streets and in some pedestrian areas, as a means to gather runoff and infiltrate it back into the ground. Additionally, rooftop runoff is expected to be managed in a variety of ways, including rain barrels, gray water harvesting, and infiltration.

Riverdale Park Station is about 1 mile from the College Park Metro and is a short walk to the future Purple Line metro stop.