Soltesz Selected as Prime Consultant on Town of North East, MD SWM Study

Soltesz is proud to have been selected by the Town of North East, Maryland to lead a Stormwater Management Study for compliance with discharges from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4) permitting requirements. Soltesz will be responsible for assessing the current level of service, reviewing documents and permits, assisting with the development of a storm water management program, as well as performing an analysis of funding required improvements through either tax revenues or the creation of a storm water utility.

Soltesz has partnered with Raftelis, a financial analysis, civil engineering, public administration, and information management firm; as well as Maryland Environmental Services, an independent State agency, for MS4 permitting compliance. Together these three firms provide a one stop shop for each requirement of the study. Beyond the study, this team possesses the skills needed to bring the goals and findings of the study through implementation.

Located at the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, the Town of North East, MD is less than an hour drive from Philadelphia and Baltimore. The goals of the Study include ensuring compliance with the MS4 permit, reviewing existing storm water facilities, developing a storm water management program that meets the requirements of the six Minimum Control Measures, and developing a financial plan including a capital improvement plan and revenue analysis. Once complete, the Town of North East will be able to compare fee funding to other approaches and understand the impacts, make a decision from an informed position, and the Towns near-term and longer-term MS4 and broader stormwater management needs will be known and documented.

Soltesz has over 38 years of experience in in the State of Maryland, and the greater Washington Metropolitan area, providing local expertise and technical knowledge for a long-standing winning combination of prestigious, successful projects. This is the first study of this kind to be led by Soltesz.


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