Successful New Hire Luncheon

Soltesz recently resumed the New Hire Luncheon on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. The Corporate office in Rockville was brimming with over 20 new employees. The goal was for new employees to meet each other from different offices, interact on company goals, and learn a little more about the roles the employees in Corporate play. Jim Soltesz took the time to engage our new team members and discuss present and future projects. It is more than giving an employee a computer, Soltesz wants new employees to be truly introduced to our mission and values, and start building relationships on day one.


Soltesz Marks 30 Years of Community Support through the Homeless Fund

December 23, 2020

We’re very proud to share this year marks the 30th anniversary since forming the Soltesz […]

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Soltesz Engineer, Dana Chiao, Guest Lecture at Winston Churchill High School’s Engineering Honor Society

December 7, 2020

Throughout the school year, the Winston Churchill High School’s Engineering Honor Society holds lectures from […]

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July 22, 2020

Soltesz has the honor of being recognized for our exemplary commitment to building excellent workplaces […]

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