Traville Development

Traville Development

Client:  Traville Development
Location:  North Potomac, MD

Traville is a mixed-use project consisting of approximately 1.5 million square feet of research and development space, retail space, and a conference center with an adjoining lake. The project also includes 750 residential apartment units.

Traville was the first designated Special Protection Area (SPA) in Montgomery County. Located in the Piney Branch Watershed and adjacent to the Piney Branch stream, the County was concerned with the proposed development’s impact on water quality. Therefore, the site needed to be designed to address the SPA requirements, which were being developed as the project moved forward, including the preservation of environmental resources such as high-priority forest and wetlands. Simultaneously, Soltesz was designing a land-use plan consistent with the goals of a high-density mixed-use zone with an impervious area limitation.

Soltesz took an active role in shaping the County’s SPA parameters and requirements. As trusted advisors able to balance the environmental concerns and the development’s needs, Soltesz designed a solution to meet the water quality goals for Piney Branch and to meet the density requirements of the developer. The areas for development were selected after careful consideration for the protection of over 50 acres of forest that still met the client’s vision of creating a mixed-use land plan with an emphasis on pedestrian circulation and interactivity between the land uses throughout the new community. Additionally, stormwater management facilities were integrated throughout the new community to meet the goals of the special protection area stormwater requirements, including disbursement of facilities, emphasis on recharge, impervious area, while meeting the density and land use objectives outlined in the MxN zone and associated Development Plan.

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