WSSC General Manager Appoints Jim Soltesz to Transition Team

WSSC’s new general manager, Carla Reid, has appointed Jim Soltesz to serve on her transition team. Ms. Reid has 20 years of experience at WSSC, having previously served as both deputy general manager and interim general manager. Ms. Reid has more recently worked as Director of Permitting Services in Montgomery County and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer in Prince George’s County.

Mr. Soltesz released the following statement:

“I am honored to work for Carla, who I have known for many years and respect greatly. Her experience with WSSC along with her roles in both Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties are to the benefit of the agency and its customers. I look forward to supporting Carla in this new position.”

WSSC is one of the largest utility companies in the nation, operating over 10,000 miles of pipeline to serve 1.8 million residents in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. The agency has an annual budget of $1.4 billion for 2016 and a Capital Improvements Program totaling $4.4 billion for 2017-2022.

Jim Soltesz is President and CEO of Soltesz, Inc., the largest civil engineering, planning and environmental sciences company in Montgomery County and ranked as a Top Design Firm in the Mid-Atlantic. Mr. Soltesz has served on numerous committees on regulatory and development issues, including transportation, adequate public facilities, infrastructure financing, school construction, and permit processing, for Prince George’s County, Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland.


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