Washington Adventist Hospital Relocation GIS

Adventist HealthCare
Montgomery County, MD
Project description

The Challenge

Washington Adventist Hospital (WAH) sought to relocate its existing healthcare facility, located on Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, in order to modernize and expand it. WAH considered modifying its existing campus, but after an in-depth study that Soltesz participated in, the hospital concluded that this strategy could not fulfill its mission of redesigning the hospital into a 21st century healthcare facility. They needed to find a location that was near the center of their primary service area and located along major interconnecting roads, able to serve all of its patients and communities in Montgomery and Prince George’s County.

The Soltesz Solution

Working closely with the clients input, Soltesz utilized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to perform a county-wide property search. Given a set of criteria, Soltesz was able to query our extensive database of geographic information to find a site that was suitable to all of WAH’s needs. Among the search criteria were property size, land value, zoning category, and geographic juxtaposition to major roadways while staying within a certain service area. In keeping with Adventist’s holistic approach to healthcare, environmental considerations were also paramount to the site selection process.

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Civil Engineering
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Environmental/Water Resources
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Landscape Architecture
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